RB-1 = Procedurally Animated

Our goal for our game development project, RB-1, is to create fully procedurally animated characters with no pre-keyed animations. This will allow the player to acheive true creative play in our world.

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New Update

Radar Detection Implemented

We have implemented a radar detection system for the player to use to find objects, enemies and other hidden areas.

We are actively working on developing a development tracker and a road map to help track what we are currently aiming for.

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Technical Demo

The technical demo video is available here and we will continue to update it as production develops.

Last updated 31 mins ago

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We are currently underway for technical development on consoles, and will update here when we delve deeper into the development for developer updates.

Last updated 2 days ago

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Captures / Videos

We are working on this area to display the latest works inside the engine and the world as it develops. Stay tuned for more details as we continue building the world.

Last updated 12 hours ago